Ponds white beauty face cream is a moisturizing cream that removes dead skin cells and different types of impurities to make your skin soft, mushy, milky, and fair, and glow. It can also restore your skin’s beauty and make it a natural, youthful glow, bright, and wrinkle-free.

When you apply it to your skin hopefully it will give a bright result so try pond white beauty face cream and enjoy your face beauty.

Ponds White Beauty Face Cream:

For having white, bright, and lightening skin you can apply ponds white beauty face cream. Because it is outstanding. It can remove dark spots, pimples, excessive oil and restore your natural beauty. Ponds give amazing light. Which can also protect your face from harm full ultraviolet rays, wrinkles, fine lines in just 7 days and increase skin’s strength and elasticity and make it radiant. So just try pond white beauty face cream and always feel fresh and glowy.                       

The pond is a moisturizing cream

Are you wishing wrinkled face, oil-free, and moisturizing skin? So just try pond white beauty cream. Which is a 50%(percent) moisturizer and will be moisturizing your skin. While giving perfect results. Pond can prevent the skin to be dry and give soft and delicate skin.

Vitamin B is also present in it. Which can reduce stains and moisturize your skin and feel fresh and look shiny. You don’t need to worry about your dry skin. It is simple to repair. Just apply pond white beauty cream and simply moisturize your skin in two weeks. So try pond white beauty moisturizing creams to have pulpy, milky, and bride skin. And protect your skin from everything and always be shiny and delicate. Just enjoy your beauty.


Before 1846 there was no better care to protect your skin from dark spots, pimples, oily skin, dry skin, and many more things which can ruin your skin. but fortunately, after 1846, an American pharmacist Theron t invented the ‘golden treasure’. that’s a pond. it can strengthen skin helping it repair itself from cuts giving natural beauty whitening and soft skin.

Even skin tone

Uneven skin tone is a problem which is irrespective of age. Skin and many other things.

Ultraviolet rays are also painted on them. So use pond white. It will solve your problem like minimize pore appearance, pimples, regulating oil and fine lines. It will give a bright glow, smooth, soft, white, and the best face to you.

So just try pond white beauty cream and observe what it will be done.

Benefits of ponds white beauty cream:

  • Reduce pimples and dark spots while giving perfect result.
  • Give glow to the skin.
  • Make the skin soft, smooth, and pulpy.
  • Repair the skin while reducing wrinkles and lines and restore natural beauty.
  • It will moisturize your skin while reducing excess oil and your face will glow.
  • It will minimize the different types of impurities and keep the skin fair.


water: As a solvent uses in the cream where all solutes are mix up.

Cetyl alcohol: It works as an emulsifier like it prevents the cream from separating into oil and liquid.

Palmitic acid: It uses as a surfactant it helps to improve the texture of the formulation.

Stearic acid: It helps to keep the face soft, thick, and smooth.

Laureth-23: It helps to reduce surface tension between two substances and is also used as a solubilizer.

Titanium dioxide: It is a powder used for whitening brightening and hardness.

Vitamin B3: It is used to moisturize the skin and prevent it from discoloration.

Glucose: It gives smooth bright skin.

Cornflower: Corn gives face whitening and glow.

Niacinamide: Protect skin and repair it.

How to apply ponds white beauty cream

  • First, wash your face with appropriate face wash and then dry it with a soft piece of cloth.
  • Put some amount of cream on your fingertip and apply it to the area such as dark spots, dry skin, and where pimples and present.
  • Then do your face, head, chin, neck. rub your face carefully so that the cream will observe and give a bright result.
  • Use it every morning and evening for the best glow.

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