Lotus herbal face cream is wonder full face cream. It keeps your skin protected from dark spots, age spots, acne, pimple, and UV rays. Then all can damage your skin cells and make your skin dull. Secondly, it also gives you a glow. It whitens your skin and gives a natural and bright look and provides you a youth full skin.

You can also use it for dark skin because it also moisturizes your skin gives soft, supple, and smooth touch. It is the number one and best skin lightening cream and it keeps your skin hydrated, white, and smooth. So just apply it.

lotus herbal face cream Good for the white glow

It is very effective for black skin. And it works a lot for black color because it has fairness solution that can give the amazing type of glow and touch. It removes the black and dull appearance after one week and will change your skin color to white, bright and clear. So just try it if you are disturbed by the black color.

lotus herbal face cream Good for skin protection

Now a day’s different type of skin ruins able things like acne, dark spots, pimples, dry skin, and UV rays are then that can damage your skin. So at that point use it and be free from these things. Furthermore, it will give you a regular appearance and a soft touch without any breakage. It keeps your skin hydrated by providing moisture to your skin.

lotus herbal face cream Good for oily skin

Lotus herbal face cream is the best cream also for oily skin. Then it will promote your skin cell and will remove excess oil and provides your skin a glow, smooth, and bright look. Also, restore your natural beauty.


Water: act as a solvent, where all the substances are mixed it.

Almond oil: helps to soften the skin.

Triticum vulgare: it contains vitamin E and helps to give glow and smoothness.

Light liquid paraffin: us to hydrate the skin.

Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane: it helps to block UV rays.

Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi: prevents skin from showing signs of aging.

Key benefits

  • Gives white color.
  • Provide a bright glow.
  • Give soft and smooth touch.
  • Restore natural beauty.
  • Keep skin hydrated.

How to apply

  • First, wash your face properly.
  • Put dots of lotus herbal on two sides of cheeks, chin, neck, for head and nose.
  • Next, properly mix it and let it be absorbed into your skin for a good result.
  • Furthermore, keep your skin away from ultraviolet rays.

Short history

It was founded by Mr.camal passi in 1993.it was provided for lightening the skin. It is most trusted whitening face cream.


Thus use lotus herbal face cream and tack benefits from it and keep your skin white, smooth, and hydrated.



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